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The Stone Splashback

Looking to complete the stone look in your kitchen? Talk to the Vivid Stoneworks team about the amazing stone splashbacks we can create for you. With the choice of natural, marble, granite or engineered stone, we can match the stonework from your benchtops, or use a different style to create a unique kitchen.

Stone splashbacks come with a range of benefits including:

  • High resistance to heat & scratches
  • They can match the rest of your kitchen design
  • Easy to clean

Whether you just want something that matches the benchtops throughout your kitchen, or you want something that’s long lasting and durable, stone splashbacks are the perfect choice for most homes. We service everywhere in the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Port Stephens and Central Coast area.

What Are The Benefits of a Stone Splashback?

Modern installation

Stone splashbacks are rapidly replacing tiles as the material of choice for a modern, hygienic method of protecting walls from moisture and splashes caused by cooking, washing up and similar kitchen activities. A kitchen stone splashback will usually be made from one continuous piece of stone. With no joints or cracks, there’s no chance of unwanted moisture penetrating the back wall.

vivid stoneworks stone kitchen splashback and benchtop

Contrast or match with your benchtops

Whilst some people prefer a homogenous palette for their kitchen, others love to use their splashback as a contrasting accent. Stone comes in a wide variety of colours and designs, enabling a wide range of different effects.

Lasts A Lifetime!

Once installed, a stone splashback will literally last a lifetime. Both natural and engineered stone materials are incredibly durable. Resistant to moisture, temperature changes, UV light and biological contamination, a stone splashback is also immune to wear and tear. If you want a feature that will retain its colour and dimensions for decades, a stone splashback is a perfect choice.

Easy to clean

A wipe-down with a damp cloth is normally all that’s needed to keep a stone splashback looking amazing. Harsh detergents or bleach simply aren’t necessary! The easy-clean nature of stone doesn’t just reduce the amount of time you need to spend cleaning, it’s also a greener option as there’s no need to use chemical detergents, scrubs or disinfectants.

Low maintenance

Beyond periodic resealing for natural stone splashback installations, stone doesn’t need much other maintenance.

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Vivid Stoneworks kitchen splashbacks

Stone kitchen splashbacks are widely recognised for being beautiful, functional and incredibly durable. At Vivid Stoneworks, we can help you embrace the glamorous side of natural stone, create a seamless streamlined silhouette, introduce a pared-back rustic aesthetic or bring a classic kitchen into the contemporary zone. We offer a huge variety of kitchen splashbacks in striking colour variants that emphasise the special strength and beauty of natural stone.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common places to install kitchen splashbacks are behind the hob and sink to protect your walls from oil, grease and water splashes. However, there are no hard and fast rules. You may want to install the splashback behind the worktop in your kitchen where you do most of your food preparation.

In a kitchen with no upper cabinets, interior designers will often add an additional shelf above the splashback, which not only provides extra storage space for pots, pans and plates but also gives you a visually striking look. You can also use stone splashbacks as accent walls in your kitchen, extending them all the way to the ceiling to create the illusion of greater space and height.

Despite being primarily used for their practicality and functionality, stone kitchen splashbacks are also very much within the realm of interior design. Marble splashbacks are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a clean and crisp aesthetic that adds the illusion of texture to your kitchen.

From the fine blue-grey veining of white marble to the dramatic patterns of black marble, this natural stone is a true classic. White marble will complement white, blue or grey cabinetry, and both wood and white worktops, resulting in tonal variation that provides a sense of balance and depth. Likewise, black marble can be dramatic against antique white cabinetry or a luxurious addition to an all-black kitchen.

An incredibly beautiful and hardy material, granite kitchen splashbacks are available in a broad range of colours, from muted greys and beiges to unusual blues, warm reds and deep browns. This igneous rock, with its gorgeous granular design, is a fantastic way of bringing organic warmth into your kitchen.

Granite kitchen splashbacks are a great addition to classic, rustic and country farmhouse kitchens as well as cool and crisp modern kitchens, lending a naturally warm finish that softens the space and brings it to life.

While natural stone splashbacks need little maintenance, they do require sealing and resealing over time. If you’re keen to eliminate this process, Vivid Stoneworks offers a stunning range of engineered stone kitchen splashbacks that don’t require sealing. Engineered stone is a mixture of natural and manmade materials – crushed natural stone is bound with a polymer resin to form a completely non-porous and impermeable material.

In our Newcastle showroom, you’ll find many beautiful examples of natural stone and engineered stone splashbacks. Come on in and take a look or contact us today and get a personalised quote.