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Outdoor Kitchen Area With Black Bench — Custom Stone Benchtops, Vanities And More In Newcastle

Stone is great for more than just interior design. The Vivid Stoneworks team are experts in creating gorgeous BBQ surrounds and putting the final touches in your outdoor area.

Enjoy an outdoor BBQ in style with one of our stone surrounds installations. Our Thornton team will measure and quote your stonework, and once approved, quickly create and build the perfect outdoor surrounds for your BBQ.

Contact Vivid Stoneworks today to discuss the best type of stone for your outdoor area.

If there’s one thing we’re superb at, its enjoying the great outdoors. Whether it’s a family snack or a full on celebration for everyone you can fit in your yard, having great stoneware for your outdoor kitchen can transform outdoor entertaining into an art form.

Kitchen With Large Open Windows — Custom Stone Benchtops, Vanities And More In Newcastle

Why choose stone benchtops for your outdoor kitchen?

Engineered stone is a superb choice for an outdoor kitchen. It’s hardwearing, looks great and has a natural feel, which mean it works well in an outdoor space. We can create almost any shape and work around your existing barbecue to build an outdoor set up that is flexible, functional and beautiful.

What sort of stone should I choose?

When you’re considering the material for an outdoor countertop, there are a few things to think about.

1. Location

Now obviously stone can cope with the elements, but if you want to keep it looking its best, you’ll find you get the best results if your kitchen is undercover. This also means you can still cook up a storm even if the weather’s bad.

Home Bar Set Up — Custom Stone Benchtops, Vanities And More In Newcastle

2. The rest of the set up

You’ll need to think about what else you want in your outdoor space. We can create a dining area complete with table and tailored benches, as well as comfy seating nooks. You’ll need to think about practicalities too – things like how many grills you want and what type of storage you require. Including utility aspects like outdoor sinks can all make your time over the coals that bit easier.

3. Budget

There are lots of options when it comes to budget. The material you choose will have the biggest impact on the final cost, and you’ll find our team are experts at helping you decide which type will best suit your needs. We’ll talk through all your options and help you come up with a design and aesthetic that meets your requirements.

Black Cabinets — Custom Stone Benchtops, Vanities And More In Newcastle

Types of stone

We usually offer variations on quartz or granite for our outdoor worktops. Both have different benefits.


Quartz is a great material for any countertop. It’s hardwearing, non-porous and looks beautiful. Quartz is resistant to liquid so it won’t stain, and because it wipes down so well, it’s a really good choice when it comes to hygiene.

Whilst it’s a superb choice indoors, we recommend you only use quartz in an outdoor setting that is protected from the elements, so under a veranda or on a covered patio is ideal. Quartz can discolour in sunlight, so it’s important that it’s placed in a shady spot.

Refurbished Patio Kitchen Area — Custom Stone Benchtops, Vanities And More In Newcastle


Granite succeeds where quartz falls down in that it’s more tolerant of being outdoors. It won’t discolour in sunlight and can withstand most weather conditions with ease. It’s a hardwearing, hygienic surface that looks great and performs beautifully. The only issue with granite is that it’s porous, so it will stain unless it’s properly sealed.

Alfresco Area — Custom Stone Benchtops, Vanities And More In Newcastle
Entertaining Area With Barbeque — Custom Stone Benchtops, Vanities And More In Newcastle

Choice Of Colours

At Vivid Stone, we offer a great range of stone in all sorts of colours. Our showroom on Glenwood Drive is open Monday to Friday from 8.00 am until 4.30pm as well as on Saturdays by appointment. Whatever your outdoor stone dreams are, you can rely on us here at Vivid Stone to make them come true.