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Tips On How To Pair Stone Countertops And Kitchen Cabinets

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Stone is a great addition to your kitchen space, and many Australian homeowners are choosing stone countertops for their quality, visual appeal, and durability. If you’re wondering how to match your kitchen cabinets with your new stone benchtop, you’re in luck – we’ve put together this handy guide on what to do to achieve the perfect look in the heart of your home.

Consider Your Colours

When you’re designing or remodelling a kitchen, it’s really important to think about your colour scheme. You can either go complementary throughout the space or include brilliant pops of contrasting colours for that vibrant edge. White tones remain very popular in kitchen spaces and work well with stone benchtops. If your stone of choice has a red, pink, or yellowish undertone, it will be well-matched by a red-based timber, brown or natural oak shade. We recommend assessing your stone for its intrinsic colouring and underlying tones before choosing your kitchen cabinets, as this ensures you’ll draw out the most character from your countertops. If you’re considering a contrasting colour scheme, it also helps to assess your stone’s colouring to form the base for your palette and to maintain a sense of unity throughout your space.

Choose Your Statement Pieces Wisely

We know you might want many features of your incredible kitchen to shine, but it’s best to keep it simple when it comes to statement pieces. Either your cabinets or your countertops should be the focus – not both. Balance your darker-coloured cabinets with lighter quartz or rock to create a fantastic contrast. Or why not do the opposite and pair a smoky quartz or stone countertop with grey or white cabinets?

Match Style And Texture

Now you’ve got your style down pat, don’t forget texture. The texture is an important element of stone benchtops, as not only are they great to look at, they feel amazing, too. The most popular surfaces for benchtops seem to be matte or subtle rough, timber textures. When you’re selecting the finish for your benchtop, don’t neglect quality, easy maintenance, and a great feel under your hand.

And how do cabinets come in? Matte or super matte cabinetry selections are a particularly suitable complement to the different surface textures of stone, adding a great contrast to the natural texture. They especially work well with concrete or rough finishes, transforming joinery into custom furniture pieces that blend effortlessly into your kitchen space.

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